Short: Here is a summary of all my projects

I am an Inventor / Engineer. I have constructed many projects, and concepted many others. On this page I will give a list of the projects and a brief summary of the project purpose and its status.

Plus Tabs

Start July 2009
Release Feb 2010
URL http://plustabs.com(external link)

Plus Tabs is a website which formats compatible websites to have internal tabs(external link).

Around 12% of users use Internet Explorer 6(external link), and those users do not have the benefit of tabs. Some of those users do not have permissions to install other toolbars which can also create (more comprehensive) tabs. The tabs are managed exclusively in the browser and so does not require any software to be downloaded or installed.

The first website to be formatted is Wikipedia.

Please do try it out ( http://plustabs.com(external link) ). For example The definition of GUI Tabs(external link), or The first place I lived in London(external link)