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Your Host, Terry Lurie

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SDL2_ttf prebuilt binaries (2013-06)

Author: Terry - Published At: Sun 16 of June, 2013 12:17 BST - (3036 Reads)
2013-06 - Where to get SDL2_ttf prebuilt binaries

Tiki Upgrade to 9.4

Author: System Administrator - Published At: Sat 11 of May, 2013 21:30 BST - (2972 Reads)
Things may look a little odd for a while

Beta Users Group for PlusTabs.com

Author: Terry - Published At: Sun 14 of Feb., 2010 15:24 GMT - (3619 Reads)

Upgrading Wordpress to Tiki (TikiWiki)

Author: Terry - Published At: Sun 13 of Dec, 2009 11:22 GMT - (3853 Reads)
The TerryLurie.com website has undergone a major overhaul. Part of that is the CMS I am using to publish it.

Microsoft Sidewinder X6 - Hacking

Author: Terry (WP) - Published At: Tue 14 of July, 2009 12:36 BST - (10043 Reads)
Wordpress version of an article about configuring a Microsoft Sidewinder X6 keyboard beyond what the manual indicates. Preserved for consistency.