Mugshot of Terry
Mugshot of Terry

Short: Terry is a computer programmer with many Inventions. This site provides information about him and the Inventions.

Longer Summary

Hi, I'm Terry Lurie. This page has a little bit of information about me. It is included because every person specific site needs one(external link), rather than I want to shout about myself.

This website is part of a plan to release all my projects to the public. I have worked on many devices, software and gadgets in my 33 years, previously unreleased.
This TerryLurie.com website is the central point for people to discover what I've done and interact with those projects which have web portions.

People who would like to use one of my running services may want to find out if it is built by a reputable person. This website is here to outline my goals and give those people assurances that they can use my service with confidence.


I am a London based computer programmer with an Engineering degree (Computer Engineering) from UNSW(external link) in Australia.

From 2010 all these projects are maintained in my spare-time. I am employed, and my employer has kindly let me tend to the projects in my own time.